We love helping lawyers do new things. Regardless of the type of organization you are in, we are here to guide you in your projects. And like a good coach, we will push you just hard enough so you can reach levels you didn't know you could. Whether you are just beginning your innovation journey or you are well on your way, we can propel you forward. Are you ready to be audacious? 


Not quite ready for something new? We also consult on traditional projects. If it involves science or technology, we can help. From research and analysis for patent litigation to evaluating tech vendors for your organization to helping you get the best our of Excel.



         We help you design and implement solutions that integrate people, process, and technology to change the way legal services are delivered


Practice management

  • Practice Group Leader Dashboard
  • Legal Project Management
  • Budget Software
  • Time Entry
  • Phase and Task Codes
  • Document Templates and Best Practices

Data Analytics

  • Litigation cost analysis
  • Key practice group metrics
  • Trend analysis using time card data
  • Phase and task code analysis for pricing
  • Matter level data analysis to drive staffing efficiency
  • Comparison of different staffing models for similar work

Software Development

  • Claim chart database for patent litigation
  • Litigation budget software for real-time tracking of spend to budget
  • Phase and task-based repository of templates, checklists and practice guides
  • Task based time entry method
  • Vendor directory including ratings and reviews

Change Management

  • Identify and recruit champions to drive change
  • Manage communication of internal initiatives
  • Promote and market tools available to attorneys and staff
  • Gamification to drive adoption of new software tools
  • Align practice group / law firm / legal department goals and IT initiatives